A touching juxtaposition: AT&T’s 9/11 memorial, and the new tower replacing the lost twins in the sky

The mammoth AT&T switching center, at 33 Thomas Street in TriBeCa, has a bold memorial to 9/11 at the plaza level, with the “ones” representing the silhouette of the lost Twin Towers.

As I walked by this week, it was impossible not to notice that, towering above this memorial sign, is the building that has replaced the Twin Towers in the skyline, One World Trade Center.

The juxtaposition is subtle, easy to miss if you’re shuffling to the office or lunch, but nonetheless touching if you stop and contemplate what’s going on here.

Text and photo: Rolando Pujol

Tower power: The majesty of 1 World Trade Center

Readers of The Retrologist know I have a great affinity for 1 World Trade Center. I’ve been casually chronicling its rise since 2009, as you can see in this post that went up on the day the tower became New York’s tallest, a day of immense symbolism, and for many, considerable emotion.

The glass tower, which tapers gracefully as it rises, offer many visual surprises, and the other day, emerging from 3 World Financial Center, I looked up and was greeted with this view. 

I felt humbled and very proud of this testament to New York’s resilience. This is perhaps my favorite vista of the tower. There’s just a majesty to it that leaves you very impressed.

Text and photo: Rolando Pujol