Have $1,100 to spare? Buy this phone booth (looking at you, Superman!)

An antique shop in the Westchester County town of Pound Ridge got its hands on a beautiful old metal-and-glass phone booth, the walk-in variety that offered shelter from the elements and a measure of privacy to conduct your telephonic business. Oh, and if Clark Kent were spending his Saturday antiquing in Pound Ridge, he could pop into this booth real quick and morph into Superman.

This specimen is in pretty nice shape, and comes complete with the requisite phone directory holder. An extra is the sticker reminding you to call 911 in an emergency, a leftover from a time when the service was still a novelty.

However, it’s absent an actual pay phone. That’s not a big deterrent to purchase, I figure, but the asking price — $1,100 — could use some bargaining down.

Text and photos: Rolando Pujol

Hello? They took away the pay phone, but left behind the sign

The metal sign for Verizon is still in place on the downtown platform of the No. 6 train at 23rd Street. But where is the pay phone?

Well, if you’re a Retrologist regular, you know the drill. It’s gone and it isn’t coming back.

But I’m happy the Verizon sign was left behind. If it’s left there for years, as it may well be, it will become an inscrutable totem that will puzzle tomorrow’s straphangers.

It’s probably already puzzled the yung uns, if they even notice the darned thing.

Text and photo: Rolando Pujol